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Kevin Boeck is Value Vinyls’ Warehouse Manager with a tenacious attitude that gives him the drive and persistence to always work toward perfection. Kevin’s background comes from the Oilfield industry where providing support was a critical on-time requirement and the demand was now to avoid costly shutdowns. He knows the meaning of urgent and the importance of time.

Kevin manages 6 distribution warehouses for Value Vinyls across the US and Canada, representing over 250,000 square feet of space and exceeding well over one million yards of stocked inventory. Boeck is quick to comment on this task saying, “we can handle the necessary demands our customers have come to expect”.

With specializing in expedited shipment and timely deliveries, Kevin has a work background of on-time results, making his work ethic the right formula to meet, if not exceed customer service demands.

Kevin has the same expectations for his warehouse support team. As Kevin puts it, “Striving to meet our customer’s needs is priority one with how my team and I conduct business and with my team’s attention to detail, our customers will benefit from the correct stock being available and the accurate filling of orders”.

Kevin also has a strong history of working directly with trucking companies, negotiating the best possible rates which allow Value Vinyls to provide the least expense in freight costs, yet highest quality service when shipping with us.

Known for his outstanding customer relations, Kevin is always available to visit directly with our valued customers.

We are proud to have Kevin Boeck as our Warehouse Manager, a true Pro for Value Vinyls!

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