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When searching for a fabric supplier, the process can be overwhelming. But, it doesn't have to be! Value Vinyls can help you understand your different options and support you with finding fabrics to fit your specific requirements. One of the most commonly used industrial fabrics is PVC; Value Vinyls is a leading PVC fabric supplier with 80 plus product lines. Keep reading to learn more about PVC industrial fabrics!


PVC Fabric: What is it?

PVC, or vinyl coated fabric, is very versatile and used for athletic equipment, tents, awnings, and even inflatables!

PVC fabric is great because it is engineered to meet even the most stringent requirements, such as:
• Flame resistance as PVC extinguishes rapidly when the flame source is gone
• Resistance to most oil and chemicals.
• Resilience in adverse weather and even high wind conditions
• Resistance to fungus, mildew, and bacteria.

PVC fabric is incredibly durable and can withstand many different environmental elements, making it a favorite among fabricators. Working with Value Vinyls gives you the additional option to customize fabric colors to match your project or business!




Our PVC Fabric Products

At Value Vinyls, we offer many different kinds of PVC fabrics of the highest quality available.

Examples of our PVC fabric brands include:
• Advantage 10, 14, 18, and 22 ounces coated vinyl
• Champion 14 ounce athletic vinyl
• Sureseal 22, 35, and 40 for dock seals and shelters
• StructureTec 18, 20, and 22 ounce blockout for tents
• Soluna 19 ounce awning and stadium wall pad vinyl


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Are you looking for a PVC fabric supplier for your next project? We ship all across North America and work hard to meet each customer's needs individually. Take a look at our list of PVC products here. You can even request a sample for any of our materials by contacting us.

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