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The tornadoes that hit Canton, Texas and the surrounding area April 29th were devastating to many people.

There are a lot of folks that need help, so we are reaching out to social media appealing to everyone that may be willing to donate.

Here is a note from one of our customers that have been affected. With his help, we delivered some of our vinyl material to cover damaged rooftops.

“Good morning!! A lot has gone on over the last 5 days for a lot of people in east TX. Not everyone was as lucky as I was. It looks like a different place out there now. A lot of people have lost everything and are struggling to pick up the pieces and move forward. Normally I am not short for words and I can ramble on forever. I wanted to say a quick thank you for all of the material I picked up yesterday. I can not express how much it means to everyone. I delivered all the material last night and was able to get one roof covered, two trucks that have no windows and hopefully 4 more roofs today. It was nice to see the smiles on their faces and to see a little relief in their eyes as we covered their roof. It means a lot. Not sure how we can ever repay you for it. If any of you ever need anything I hope I am the first call you make. I will be there.

Thanks again, Nick Bouchard, Innovative Industrial Solutions “

We wanted to piggyback onto Nick’s effort as a call to action and a reminder for us to look after one another and make regular donations (money, clothes, food, etc.) to keep disaster relief charities stay prepared for times like these.

The Red Cross and FEMA have been two of the most active charity organizations in the Canton area. There have also been several churches helping and other organizations as well. Follow this link for more information on where to donate:

One family that Nick is aware of needing help is CJ and Brittani Harden. CJ and his family rode out the tornado as their house was completely taken away. They were lucky that they survived but they lost everything. Their house, barn and all of their personal belongings that were in the structures. There is a GoFundMe page set up for them. Here is the link We are sure there are many other families with GoFundMe accounts as well. Just as a note to those in the industry, CJ is a member of SWIFA and does electrical work for a lot of awning companies.

We thank Nick Bouchard and all of you for your support!

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