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When it comes to offering durable, long-lasting, and versatile vinyl fabrics, Value Vinyls is the best in the industry. Our fabric lines cover many industrial and commercial needs such as athletic equipment or products, medical and safety applications, sun protection, transportation, and much more. We develop all of our products to meet stringent standards, including resistance to damaging environmental conditions. With a 5-year-no-fade warranty, we guarantee our UV resistant vinyl fabrics are the best performing in the market today.

Keep reading to learn more about UV rays, how they affect fabric, and why you should buy UV treated vinyl for your next application.

What is UV Resistant Vinyl?

UV rays are a form of radiation produced by the sun that can cause premature aging. These rays can be extremely harmful to your skin and other items that might have continued sun exposure, such as fabric. There are two types of rays, Ultraviolet A, associated with skin aging, and Ultraviolet B, which causes the skin to burn. While both can be harmful to skin, they can damage fabric and cause fading if left untreated. If you need UV resistant vinyl treated to prevent premature breakdown or fading, Value Vinyls has a selection of fabrics for you. Here are just a few of our treated fabric lines: Advantage, Aquafloat, Impact, Soluna, Sureseal, Visiontex, and more!

Our Treatment Process

The Value Vinyls team works with our partners to ensure we develop and treat each fabric to meet stringent standards. We thoroughly test all of our materials in the Value Vinyls V2 Lab to ensure they meet all specifications. Our specifications include UV resistance, abrasion, adhesion, tongue tear, tensile strength, puncture resistance, and color consistency. We can also treat fabrics to be anti-mildew and anti-bacterial. Thoroughly researching and testing products in our laboratory sets us apart from other suppliers.


Our extensive testing ensures that each of our 80+ fabrics will be long-lasting and perform as intended, even under harsh weather and environmental stressors.

Are you interested in UV resistant vinyl? Review our available vinyl fabrics to learn more and request a free sample. If you are ready to build your stock for 2022, contact us today, and our team will get you set up for a successful year!

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