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What are the benefits of training? Athletes train to perform at their peak levels for a game or for an epic event, like the Olympics. They hope all of the sacrifices made by getting up at the crack of dawn, foregoing the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and doing one more weight repetition will have huge payoffs when it counts. Those payoffs could be a coveted endorsement with a beverage company, having a shiny medal on one's chest, or simply delivering the best performance when it's most needed.

While we don’t sign anyone up for addicting sports-drink contracts or place a gold medal on one’s muscled neck, we do want new employees to deliver their best performance early on in the game. So, we use the “Onboarding” tool.

Onboarding is the fancy term to describe the training process a new employee will experience during his/her first few months in our company. Our training program involves formal meetings, personal tutoring, self-directed publications, and mentoring. As addressed with any training program, it gets adjusted based on the needs of the person or the circumstances.

Our training program is an on-going process so new team members can perform at a higher level. Our goal is to turn this enhanced performance into improved customer service. Without excellent customer service, there is no team member or even a team for that matter.

Anybody remember the team, “New York Yanks”?

I made my point.

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