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Anne Sondgroth is Value Vinyls’ Purchasing Manager with a get-tough attitude that gives her the ability to always work toward product availability. Anne’s background comes from business administrative operations where giving support that ultimately impact the customer is a critical requirement and the work through efforts is always in the best interest of the client. She believes in the urgency of getting things right and the importance of on time material receiving’s.

Anne manages the purchasing of inventory for six Value Vinyls’ distribution warehouses across the US and Canada, exceeding well over one million yards of stocked inventory. When asked what the primary focus of her work is, Anne replies; “we are constantly working to stay on task to meet the necessary material demands of our customers”.

Anne has administrative support from our Purchasing Administrative Assistant, Bethany Feldman and together their goal is to keep all purchasing operations running smooth.

We are happy to have Anne as our Purchasing Manager, the right professional for Value Vinyls!

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