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With the advanced technology that is now available in printing equipment, the ease of digital and screen printing is being used on almost any type of substrate. We are experiencing a higher demand for industrial vinyl material that is printable.

One example where we have seen a significant increase is in the school systems for printable fabrics used in gymnasiums and field sports. More wall pads, gym mats, and landing pads are being personalized with team mottos and logos done in school colors. The National Center for Educational Statistics indicates there are close to 100,000 public schools and over 33,000 private schools with an additional 7,000 post-secondary schools in the United States. Now that is a fair number of gymnasiums and fields used for sports!

Many other institutions are using printable materials for similar applications, including over 36,000 Fitness Centers and 227 sports stadiums with a seating capacity of 20,000 + as several more examples. As well, there are many other industrial markets that are using fabric for messaging and advertising.

With all that said the question is, do you have a need for printable industrial vinyl?

Value Vinyls is the premier supplier of industrial PVC for many industries in need of printable vinyl. We produce a wide variety of PVC laminated and coated reinforced vinyl fabrics and vinyl mesh for every type of industrial application. Our printable PVC vinyl is designed to be durable and available in many different colors and embosses. These products are treated with UV and anti-mildew agents, assuring your indoor-outdoor products can withstand adverse weather conditions. On top of all that, we offer PVC vinyl options that are fire retardant and CPSIA (6P) certified, have no detection of DnHP (7P), contain the lowest levels of lead on the market, and are phthalate-free, guaranteeing they are safe for children.

Here are just a few of our primary printable industrial vinyl offerings and the applications/markets they are being used in:


Soluna – Used for Stadium Wall Pads

Champion MVP14 – Used for Gym Wall Pad, Mats and other Indoor Athletic Components

Impact 16 – Used for Dummies, Landing Mats and other Indoor and Outdoor Athletic Components

Sportiva 18 – Gymnasium Child Shapes, Floor Mats, Wall Pads and other Indoor Athletic Components


Advantage MVP 18 – Used for Truck Tarps, Outdoor Tarps, Specialty Industrial Uses

SIOEN B6000 – Used for Truck Side Curtains and Speed Doors in Commercial Warehouses

Structure Fabrics

StructureTec 22 PVC Vinyl Tensile Structure Fabric – Used for Tent Tops & Siding

Soluna – Used for Awnings

Mesh Fabrics

CrossCourt Dip Coated Mesh 8 – Used for Windscreen on Tennis Court & Construction Site Fencing
To learn more about our entire line of printable industrial vinyl contact us at 877-716-6651 or click on this link: Contact Us


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