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Value Vinyls has a team dedicated to engineering our products to maximize the quality, value, and strength best suited for varying applications.

To create the right vinyl for the right application, there are four basic performance tests to perform:

  1. Tongue Tear
  2. Tensile Strength
  3. Adhesion
  4. Abrasion

We use guidelines set by ASTM International (formerly American Society for Testing and Materials) to test our vinyl so they meet certain parameters. Each test can potentially impact one another during manufacturing, example:

If you want to maximize the tear or tensile strength of a vinyl, a lower heat setting is required during manufacturing. A low heat setting will result in lower adhesion. This also applies if you reverse the process to increase adhesion. Increasing the heat to impact the integrity of the base fabric, will lower your tear or tensile strength.

1. Tongue Tear (ASTM D2261)

Tongue Tear is the process of ripping a pre-slit piece of fabric in a single motion to determine tear strength. The results are measured in pound-force at a failing point of both the warp and weft directions.

2. Tensile Strength (ASTM D5034)

Tensile Strength is determined by simulating a puncture in the center of the fabric sample and then pulling it in opposite directions. The results are measured in pound-force within one inch in both warp and weft directions.

3. Adhesion (ASTM D751)

Adhesion determines the strength of the film or coating of the base fabric. Two strips of fabric are adhered (by weld or adhesive) face to back. It’s typically measured in pound-force by two inches.

4. Abrasion (ASTM D3884)

Abrasion is a test designed to evaluate the rate at which the coating will abrade or wear away on the face or backside of a material. It uses a rotary platform in conjunction with two abrasive stone wheels with the addition of a determined amount of weight. This test is measured in cycles in a range of styles depending on the purpose of the test (whether by a set number of cycles, when the base fabric begins to show, when the base fabric is fully exposed, etc.)

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