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According to State of the Industry, an article published in April 2017 by Industrial Fabrics Association International’s (IFAI) In Tents, sales for fabricators in the U.S. and Canada continues to be highly favorable.
The Stats
• Specifically, sales were 24.1 million square yards in 2016, up 4-percent over 2015.
• Sales were projected to be 25.3 million square yards in 2017, up 5-percent over 2016.
• The party and event rental market grew 6-percent in 2016
• Was expected to grow by 7-percent in 2017.
Pressure on Fabricators
These numbers are impressive. Growth, however, is usually bitter-sweet. With more demand on tent fabricators there is increased pressure to produce quality products in less time and without quality issues. Reputations are at stake to provide a quality product, which is why it’s important to us that you can rely on your tent fabrics.
Our #1 Tip to Success: Connect with a Partner
Reputation matters
A reputable partner who is available to work with you to ensure your fabric meets your needs can make all the difference. We strive to be that partner.
Service counts
Our qualified customer service specialists can reroute your delivery, explain fabric limitations and benefits, provide specs, and answer questions about fabrication.
Developed and tested fabrics make the difference
Our tent fabric collection was formulated and tested by our in-house product development team to ensure our vinyl fabric provides consistent quality, withstands constant handling, and endures adverse weather conditions while remaining supple for fabrication.
Having been a successful industrial fabrics supplier to fabricators for decades, we deeply understand the value of performance and reputation. We’ll partner with you and guard your reputation as our own.
Our tent fabrics are high in quality, range from 13 oz. to 22 oz. and offer various features. What are your tent, sidewall or semi-permanent structure needs?

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