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The story of our CPSIA certified products at Value Vinyls reveals the nature of our mission as a company.

A Challenge:
In 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was signed and enacted into the United States Public Law. The edict required new testing, requirements, and documentation regarding newly acceptable and legal levels of several substances commonly found in consumer products. This ranged from apparel, shoes, personal care, accessories, jewelry, bedding, toys, books, and even several products from Value Vinyls.

Several of our staple products commonly used in Athletic applications for gym mats, wall pads, tackling dummies, wrestling mats were to be affected by this new measure. These are items used every day by thousands in public settings.

Leading the industry:
Fortunately, the emphasis that Value Vinyls puts on product development, innovation, and research allowed for us to be ahead of the announcement in 2007 and a true leader in our industry. In tune with our products and industry trends, we were able to re-engineer our fabrics to meet all CPSIA requirements sooner than anyone else in the industry.

We educated our customers on the upcoming CPSIA requirements and gained countless others who remain with us to this day. All knowing and trusting that Value Vinyls will always be their product development experts.

Our history develops the present:
Since 2007 we have developed even more products that are CPSIA compliant. They can be seen across the country at schools, universities, gyms, and fields.

Our CPSIA certified products have low lead levels. Well below 100 ppm, which guarantees its safety for children and assuring the lowest phthalate levels in the market. Included are treatments for anti-microbial protection against mildew and fungus. As well as fire retardant certifications that include NFPA-701 and ASTM E-84, while achieving Class A.

Discover our CPSIA certified products:
Impact 16Impact 19Champion MVP 14Advantage Sportiva 18Victory 18Suplex 24

Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about these products or email us at

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