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EleTec's capabilities provide the ultimate pool cover protection during the fall and winter months.

Value Vinyls' EleTec can be customized for various weights, finishes, and colors. It is easy-to-handle and fade resistant, both very solid reasons to consider EleTec as your next pool cover vinyl.

Email_-EleTec-CoatedEleTec Coated

EleTec Coated is capable in a range of weights from 12-18 oz. with a matte finish. It has been designed with a tightly woven base fabric providing 100% coverage with no filtration. With it's high tear and tensile strength, along with anti-mildew and UV treatments, EleTec Coated will withstand the harshest of weather conditions.


Email_-EleTec-LaminatedEleTec Laminated

EleTec Laminated is a 13 ounce laminated vinyl with a semi-gloss finish. The round polyester base fabric gives EleTec Laminated high tear and tensile strength, making it durable enough to withstand multiple seasons of adverse weather conditions. The UV and anti-mildew treatments protect against damage brought on by sun and lingering moisture.


Email_-EleTec-MeshEleTec Mesh

EleTec Mesh comes in 5 and 7 ounce weights with a tentered and calendered finish. It is made of polypropylene mesh for air filtration and increased water flow. With its high puncture strength, EleTec Mesh is designed for dimensionally stable pool cover applications.


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